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About Us

Sunny Boy Music is a company that creates musical projects for other companies who are not directly involved with music, such as clothing companies, skateboard companies, headphone companies, and the list goes on. Sunny Boy Music under the client’s direction creates and finishes the project from scratch, providing artwork, artists, producers, cd duplication, and everything else in the making of a project.


- In March of 2008 Sunny Boy Music Inc. was founded by President, Jacob Yaeger. After years running his room like a studio, making songs with friends, and putting out mixtapes, Jacob decided to take it to the next step as soon as he turned 18. He didn’t want to create a record label though, he wanted to be able to make music for other people and deliver musical projects that people wanted to hear. Very influenced by hip-hop Jacob’s goal was to create a company that would expose underground talent, spread the word about companies, artists, and the hip-hop community, not only nationally but internationally as well.

- Sunny Boy Music, Inc’s corporate objective is to exclusively produce musical projects for other companies to advertise with. Companies doing business in: clothing lines, skateboard manufactures, energy drinks manufactures and a variety of other consumer goods based companies. Our vision is to work with small companies, gaining reputation and experience and to eventually work with larger companies who in return would bring us larger profit. Yaeger, owner, Sunny Boy Music, Inc. has worked on two major projects in its first year but is seeking a way forward in the independent online music industry.

-In 2008-2011 Sunny Boy Music put out a collection of 30+ mixtapes with a variety of artists ranging in popularity and stardom, some artists include: Smoke DZA, Mac Miller, Beedie, Franchise, Kemickal, Zyon The King, Reespekt, Sikk Boi, Bigg Jigg, Adam Tensta and Many More!

-As of 2013/14 Sunny Boy Music, has been focusing on producing more original material so be on the lookout!