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Daily Archives: April 1st, 2018

Ethereum Price, Potential and Praise from McAfee

As the price of Ethereum falls, its decline is prompting some advocates to speak out. McAfee anti-virus creator John McAfee amongst them in expressing his surprise the cryptocurrency isn’t more favoured by investors. No Currency is More Necessary and Central Ethereum is the blockchain of choice for many technology innovators and forms the backbone of […]

Crypto History Part 1: 400 Million Billion Billion, Beer, and a Murderous Plot

The history of our benefactor – cryptography – is one filled with intrigue, drama, religion, statecraft, tinkerers, amazing minds, and so much more. In the first of a series, examines a crypto tale to illustrate its wonderfully colorful development and usage. This particular instalment recounts a 432 year-old plot to kill a queen, and […]

South Korea Will Release Bitcoin Taxation Policy in July, Following G20 Meeting

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts do not like regulation. This is a hot topic of conversation right now, especially in lieu of the recent G20 meeting. While no immediate measures were represented, it seems the governing body will introduce taxation guidelines in July. The G20 Remains on top of Cryptocurrency It is safe to say […]

120 Million? Vitalik Proposes Cap on Ether Cryptocurrency

The creator of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency has floated a possible change to the network’s long-opaque ether issuance policy.

New York law firm launches crypto litigation tracker

The life-cycle of blockchain startups is fraught with legal uncertainty and their volatility makes them particularly prone to claims for compensation both in and outside of the courts. As this new frontier of investing keeps expanding, litigation monitoring could be a useful metric for investors when doing due diligence on crypto assets and used as […]